Ever since the first season of America’s Next Top Model I have always wondered what it would be like to be backstage working at a fashion show. Now that I was able to work backstage at the Street Of Dreams fashion show I know that the crowdedness, hairspray diffusing through the air, and clothes being thrown everywhere was not for theatrics, but the by-product of trying to have a flawless presentation of the designers work.

Backstage I helped the models get ready for the show, which included organizing who would be wearing what pieces, swapping outfits if a piece did not work for a certain model, helping models change during the show, and organizing the clothes and picking up the area after the show was over. I was on my toes probably from 3-9:30, but I enjoyed every minute of it.  6 and a half hours went into running a 30 minute show, but like sports a lot of time has to be invested to be prepared for the final game. Being “thrown to the wolves” as Brandon Gaston, the host of the fashion show along with Eden Dawn and my boss who I am interning for, would say, helped me gain confidence in myself that I knew what I was talking about. If a model asked about how she should wear an item, I had to give an answer, not shyly, but with confidence. And if it was a question that I knew that I honestly did not know, then I had to ask Brandon or someone else in charge, because there is no shame in not knowing what to do either. 

I was only able to snap a couple shots on my phone before and after the fashion show because I was busy, but though I didn’t get to actually see the show I know it was great by the smiles and conversation I saw and heard once I left the tent, and the praise that the show got afterwards. Though I do not know if I will ever become a fashion show coordinator, it is one more aspect of the fashion industry that I have some knowledge about, and therefore one more step to being the #girlboss I want and know I can be in the fashion industry.