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Walking into the JFK airport, drunk off inspiration from the movie “Joy” that I watched to calm my excitement on the plane, I had no clue what to expect. I, of course, had heard of the horrible traffic, determined people, and never ending nightlife, but I did not know if New York would open its arms to me as it often did on T.V. to characters such as Carrie from “The Carrie Diaries”. Was New York going to send me running back to my weird hometown, Portland, or have me strutting down the streets of 5th avenue, the power of New York running through my veins? Honestly, the first day I had a range of all these emotions.

Of course I did not get to experience all of New York in my three day trip, so when I am discussing my experience in New York I am more talking about Greenwich Village, the heart of NYU. Driving there, I was in awe of the cityscapes, how humans could have created something so vast and grand, but it did not feel like what others had described it. If anything, it felt like a huge Portland.

After arriving at NYU, we quickly hopped onto the bus to go to our next destination: The spirit cruise.


So excited for the cruise, my camera was a little out of focus, my bad!!


Meeting potential classmates on the cruise was amazing. Everyone was extremely intelligent, had diverse interests, and were just generally awesome, and I couldn’t help but feel inspired just from my interactions with others. I especially had a Jesuit-esque moment at the end of the cruise when the DJ played “Ultralight Beam” by Kanye West for the last song. This moment encapsulates the common thread that has run through all my favorite moments in New York: moments where there was an accumulation of people all united in one common experience, whether that be singing to Yeezy or sitting in Washington Square Park listening to a pianist. For me, these moments beamed just as brightly as the lights in Times Square (and they were bright, but you’ll have to wait for day two to see that!).

The views from the ship were the first time where I started to imagine myself at NYU or in New York. The views of the city, as you see, were immaculate, but it wasn’t just the views that fascinated me; it’s what they represent. This might sound like rampant naiveté, but in the midst of this grand cosmopolitan city is opportunity, the ability to make yourself anything you want to be, for me a fashion blogger reporting at all the New York Fashion Weeks, or a United Nations Ambassador, or a famous author, or maybe all three.


After, the cruise, though, I still felt confused. Who was this elusive city that I have heard of all my life? What if I committed to NYU, thinking I would be strutting to my internship at Vogue, Elle, or Cosmo after my class at Stern, and I actually became run down by the city, my introverted tendencies not able to keep up with it?


Despite all my worries, though, on the second day I would find myself slowly and reluctantly falling in love with the city that never sleeps.



  1. I’m reading through this again as I go into finals week here at NYU. I’ve been retrospective as most people are at the conclusion of the semester and year, and I wanted to visit this entry from back around April – it’s just as amazing as I remember it being. I really appreciate how you captured this one particular day insofar as how your feelings developed the more you interacted with the people and the city. It makes me remember how I felt when first experiencing NYU and it brings back such great memories from Scholars’ Weekend. It’s incredible how long ago this all seems now. All that being said, I’m really thankful for your blog and for having had that experience! I hope you’ve been doing well, Serena, enjoy the break! :^) -Hunter

    1. Thank you so much, this comment means a lot to me!! I’m glad this post allowed you to reflect on such an amazing experience, and I hope my blog always is that place where you can do that!

      Hope you are doing well also,


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