This week I heard a lot of positive feedback on my blog and in person from those who liked my Tuesday Treasures post about my Adidas Superstars and pinterest inspiration of outfits (link here that included those shoes. Because of this I thought that I should continue the sneaker trend this week by including two looks of my own with my Adidas. The first look is simple everyday wear, and the second look for when I want to be comfortable but also fashion forward.

Chillin’ in my Superstars

I like this outfit because though simple it has trendy attributes, such as the bomber jacket that I got from ASOS and the culottes that I got from Forever 21. Working on my blog I have realized that often what differentiates a good outfit from an okay or regular outfit is the details, so I chose to tie the bandana around my ankle so while I am out and about getting groceries or buying supplies for college I still look original.

Redefining Casual

I call this outfit “Redefining Casual” because though the shirt has a vibrant print and could be defined as a dressier shirt the outfit is still incredibly comfortable. By changing the usual dimensions that people use in their outfits, such as that when you have flared pants you have to have a tight or not loose shirt (or vice versa), it immediately creates a unique high-fashion look (very pinterest-y if I do say so myself), and the adidas leave me fight feelin’ good the entire day. The beauty of it though is that with a nice statement necklace and full ‘fro I could easily wear this at a classier event. This outfit and outfits like it is a two for one deal. Talk about fashion magic.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know by commenting below your favorite ensembles that can transition from regular day wear to classy and fashion-forward. See you Tuesday!



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