Staring at my jean jacket one morning I wondered, what could make it more interesting? After scouring the internet and watching a bunch of youtube videos I knew that I didn’t want something as permanent as a patch, but I still needed some accessory to reinvent it. Lo and behold on Echo Club House I found the cutest pins, and ordered them right away.

Now I see pins everywhere, which you have to watch out for because I got these 4 for around 6 dollars while at Urban Outfitters they charge $10 for one pin. Of course you have to include the cost of shipping, but even if that was $7 you would get 4 pins for $13 instead of 1 for $10, and some packs on Echo Club House are even cheaper than that. 

Pins are a great way to add a pop of color or even humor to your outfit, and though mostly worn on jean jackets I also like to wear it on plain tees and tops as well, which is one of my favorite ways to wear it because it is not expected and injects even more personality into my clothes, which is my goal!

**Random note, have any of y’all read books and/or poetry by Khalil Gibran? I am reading Beloved right now and it is wonderful! His writing style is exquisite.

Let me know what fun accessories you are adding to your closet right now by commenting below! See you Thursday!