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Wore these bracelets while I was in NY
Wore these bracelets while I was in NY

My Tuesday Treasure this week are these Ghanaian Bracelets my dad brought me about two years ago. 

They are my favorites because, to me, they represent why I love fashion. Whenever I wear them, or any piece of Ghanaian jewelry, I always feel powerful and confident, and I think that that is how our clothes and jewelry should always make us feel. Fashion shouldn’t be used to impress others, to fit in, or attempt to look wealthy, but so that we feel better about ourselves. 

Though when others see me wearing these bracelets that is all they see, me wearing bracelets, what I see is me donning power, grace, and elegance. It’s a secret weapon that I use whenever I feel vulnerable, sad, or just tired. 

They are my secret weapon, they give me power. 

Fashion is a secret weapon. Fashion is powerful.

What items, clothing, jewelry, or other, make you feel powerful? Leave a comment below!!



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