If you haven’t seen already, last week for my “Tuesday Treasures” segment I highlighted a clutch and cross body bag. As I said in that post those are the bags that I love to wear when I am going to a fashion event or know that I won’t be able bring anything bulky, but on a normal day I always wear a backpack, specifically this pink Backpack that I got from ASOS.

This bag is small enough wear I don’t feel like I am lugging something, but also big enough that I can carry a 500 page book, wallet, water bottle, reading glasses, and even more. Plus, it always makes any outfit I wear look better, especially the simple one that I am wearing in these photos. I have gotten a LOT of compliments about this bag, and I find it to be a true fashion accomplishment when you not only get confident on those fancy outfits that you worked hard to put together, but also the simple everyday ones.

What’s your favorite type of bag to use on the daily? Let me know by commenting below!