I am one of the many students who participated in the Apple sale where if you got a macbook you received a free pair of beats. At the store one of the gentlemen who helped my mom and I told us that getting a sticker or skin for my laptop would be a good idea because so many college students and people in general use macs. Ever since I had been wondering what type of skin or sticker I should get, until one day I heard about Society6 from a youtube video by Amy Vagabond, a company that works with numerous artists (who get a share of every item sold) and puts their art on home decor such as mugs and throws, but also tech accessories such as laptop skins, phone cases, you name it. 

Looking through all the pieces of work I knew I wanted something unique, and was drawn to pop-surrealism pieces, specifically the laptop skin that I got by artist Eugenia Loli. I then got this laptop case by words brand, which I liked because I want to get in the habit of writing something everyday, even if it sucks!

The phone case is by artist Chad Wys, and I fell in love with this piece and his other pieces because I knew that it would be a great conversational piece. I was actually stuck between getting a piece by Eugenia Loli as well that showed Frida Kahlo holding the world, but I knew that if someone asked me about the art piece I would be able to prattle on a lot longer about European history than Frida Kahlo’s life and creations. 

If looking for a tech accessory or even home decor I would definitely recommend Society6. The pricing for cases and skins is the same and maybe even a little cheaper than if you went to buy a quality case from the apple store or best buy, and you actually get a unique case and have hundreds of options instead of the 10-20 they have in store. Plus, the delivery is fast, and for phone cases they have different levels of protection (I got the tough case for $38). 

What type of art pieces do you gravitate towards, and what does your ideal tech accessory look like? Let me know by commenting below!