Enjoy this holographic flavored post with a psychedelic song 🙂

Shopping at thrift stores is one of the best purchasing moves you can make for two reasons, (well, there’s more than two, but hear us out) 1: It’s better than only shopping fast-fashion, which isn’t sustainable, and 2: You’re most likely buying pieces that cannot be found anywhere else, and it’s nice to know that you own an item that is unique. This summer, we have bought a number of thrifted items, and so we thought we would share with you all the pieces that are making us feel unique and special this summer season.

All these pieces were purchased in Lewes, England, a small town barely 10 minutes from Brighton, England. Lewes is definitely not on the normal tourist route, but that might just be why it was one of my most favorite places. It is a very small, quaint English town, but it had an excellent assortment of vintage and thrift shops. I got the top pair of earrings and two pairs pictured with me from Church Hill Antiques Centre, which sold everything from dish wear to clothes and books. I honestly could have bought four more pairs of earrings from there because there selection was amazing, but luckily I saved my money for my other finds while in England. The earrings pictured by themselves are from Oxfam, another thrift store in Lewes, and my sunglasses where from a thrift store in the famed North Laines in Brighton.

I have been wearing my jewelry from England nonstop, especially because these pieces are unique and have a travel story with them, unlike the pieces that I get from my regular spots (asos, forever 21). Though it can be fun to buy touristy items, I definitely would recommend thrifting when traveling; when you wear it, you’ll always remember the special little moments on your travels, and those are precious.

As for me, all the jewelry I’m pictured with were given to me by my Grandma Pat, who thrifted these items, except for my gold name ring which was a gift from my Auntie and the gold band next to it, which is my great grandmother’s wedding ring. For me it’s important that all my jewelry has a story, or at least, a memory behind it. For some people that sounds like a lot of commitment for a piece of costume jewelry but like Serena said, when you wear jewelry it’ll remind you of a moment and that’s precious. So even if the memory is as little as hunting through the bins at Goodwill on a sunny Sunday or finding the perfect pair of earrings next to a T-Rex necklace that you still regret not buying, it’s still a good memory. And that’s why I thrift the majority of my jewelry, I like finding it in places that only have one of each piece and I like imagining the person who wore it before it ended up in my jewelry box (which I’m going to be honest is just an empty Ferrero Rocher box but it’s surprisingly effective).

Speaking specifically of the pieces pictured, these were given to me by my Grandma Pat and, while she’s gone now, I like imaging that maybe she was wearing these when she met my Grandpa, that she twirled this necklace around her finger while she talked to him, I certainly play with it when I’m nervous and it comforts me. And the earrings I always wear with my hair tucked behind one ear because its a fun way to spice up a look, a way of saying look at those funky earrings next to that funky fresh face. And as for my rings, the two gold ones to the left I wear everyday and the green one I break out when I want to feel glamorous and just a little dangerous, I always imagine it would hurt to hit someone with that (not that I would hit someone unprovoked). So my advice is go out there and find something funky, something different, or something soft and classic and let memories hang on it, imagine it came from a spy or a queen, let it give you a story.

Comment below which pieces you loved, and about pieces you’ve thrifted this summer or whenever that have meaning to you. We’d love to hear from y’all.

-S.D. and S.M.