Finals are over!!! I can’t believe that the rest of the senior class and I are second semester seniors, even though I am glad because studying for finals, plus having to go to Seattle, was sucking up a lot of my time!! Anyways…

This is a sweater that I got a year ago and is one of my prized possessions because it was regularly $200 dollars, and I got it for $50 from Urban Outfitters.

Though I have gotten good deals on Black Friday I tend to find that for stores like Urban Oufitters and Aritzia, which are extremely expensive,  have the best deals during January and February because they’re getting rid of all their winter clothes for spring. Butttt since I and a lot of y’all live in Oregon spring really does not start for awhile, and even then we have a lot of cold days so that sweater, jacket, boots, or coat you buy will be in use and will feel even cozier since it was bought at a discount.

I have received a lot of fashion inspiration this month, especially from youtube, and one of the fashion vloggers that I love is Sammi Quinn, a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She has an eclectic sense of style and is really inspired by the 70’s and 90’s, and I enjoy following vloggers who have distinct styles. Here’s one of her videos below!

I hope this inspires you as well, even if it’s not your style, and that you have an amazing rest of the week!! Expect a post Sundayyyy (in singing voice)