The time has come for many things. For summer to end, senior year to start, the anxiety of college applications accompanied with the jubilation of another chapter of my life beginning. The Sixth Draft has been an idea percolating in my mind for quite a while (actually since the summer going into sophomore year), and it has been put off for a multitude of reasons. Though some reasons are perfectly reasonable, such as school and homework, other reasons, such as fear of ridicule or people disliking my blog, drop in confidence, and doubts in my fashion abilities, aren’t. I kept waiting for things to be perfect, for this blog to be perfect (such as having the perfect camera, backdrops, etc.) and I realized that though of course I want my blog to evolve into something spectacular, my waiting for everything to run perfectly will only result in stagnation. The whole purpose of calling my fashion blog The Sixth Draft was to show that  style always evolves,  and I’ve realized that this notion can be applied to many facets of my life. So, I hope that throughout this blog you enjoy my many triumphs, blunders, and in-betweens, as I turn  this passion I have had since I was a cheetah lovin’ five year old into a tangible piece of work, because, whether I’m ready or not, the time has come.