I am a Superhero

Well, maybe not exactly (still not fully convinced that I am NOT a superhero though), but this cape I got from H&M sure makes me feel like one!! Plus, its really comfy, and though it only drapes over me, it doesn’t feel like it is going to fall off. I got this a week before Black Friday, and, trying to dabble into different styles, and this item being sophisticated but not expensive, I thought I should get it (even though I tend to always think I should get stuff).

You’re going to see this shirt that I got from Forever 21 a lot, because it goes with a lot, and I really liked the burgundy with the camel color of the cape. Though this does seem to align more with fall colors, I say, it looks cute, so wear it.

On another note, being an avid reader of fashion blogs, I have noticed many bloggers cool poses and facial expressions of “This is an action shoot and I am cool and collected, not noticing the camera”. Well, I can’t do that, I feel awkward and weird, so I can guarantee in probably 75% of my photos I will be smiling, but I think this more acurately represents me than looking away from the camera all suave like. 

I hope you liked this outfit, there is more to come!!!