In an earlier post “Adventures in Styling: A New Draft”, I talked about how I wanted to incorporate more fun pieces and trends into my closet, and this outfit is that coming into fruition. Three trends that I love right now are the spaghetti strap shirts over a tee, hoop earrings (a very recent comeback), and sock/ankle boots. I was very happy about the latter trend because I got these boots 5-6 months ago and there’s nothing better than not having to buy new trends because you already have what’s popular!

I want to especially integrate fun trends into my wardrobe right now because I am beginning a new chapter in my life. I am about to head up to college in a week, and while I tackle the crazy adventures I know are coming I want to do it in style, literally and figuratively. I have said this before and I will say it again, fashion is powerful, and right now my outfits are a manifestation of an attitude that I want to claim. I want to have fun, be fierce, and succeed.  

What are your style goals, and do you they coincide with bigger goals that you have? Let me know by commenting below!