This week my Tuesday Treasures are a clutch and cross body bag that I bought from H&M. Though I normally only wear fancy backpacks because I always like to bring a book with me, I have been enjoying carrying around these bags because when I am going to an event and need to take photographs they do not weigh me down, and then when I sit I don't have to take my backpack off. Please do not fret, I still bring a book with me (currently reading "Three Martini Lunch" by Suzanne Rindell), I just leave it in the car for consumption later.

I also got these bag accessories from H&M, and I enjoy them a lot because it adds something fun and playful to my outfit and brings a dimension not expected, though very on trend.

What kind of bags do you prefer? Clutch, cross body bag, backpack, let me know by commenting below. See you Thursday!!