Entering College, I took an unexpectedly long break from blogging, but do not think that means that I was not thinking of SixthDraft, especially about fashion. I have been inundated with fashion inspiration, inspired by Seattle, high fashion, and most of all my peers, one in particular: Sharon Miyoshi. Sharon and I clicked immediately, our love of fashion oozing from our very beings, and pretty soon after we met, I knew that continuing SixthDraft as a unit would be the best for the site, because, forever believing how personal style, and fashion in general, is always evolving, so does SixthDraft. What better way to follow our ethos than by not just showing the drafts of my style, but Sharon and I's? I'm currently on a 70's Chic kick, and Sharon's on a highway to 90's glam, both the Clueless and the Grunge. 

Welcome to SixthDraft, run by Serena Dokuaa and Sharon Miyoshi. 

On Sundays we will post purely about fashion, advice, thoughts on Fashion Weeks, our personal style, etc. Tuesdays will be a collage of fashion inspiration for our week, and Thursdays will be a travel diary or diary in general, telling y'all about our lives, especially related to how our interactions with the world is affecting our styles and how we choose to use fashion to interact with the world.

PicMonkey Collage-4.jpg

Current Draft: 70's Chic

This past year it was probably hard for those who saw me to not notice my fashion inspiration. From Statement Sleeves, to Culotte galore, statement patterns, and wide leg pants, I was unwittingly wearing everything 70's inspired. It's a look that I will be keeping for a while, for I feel that it really represents my personality, and everyday as I wear what I like to call my "fun pants" (wide-leg everything) I feel great in my clothes. Exactly how fashion should make you feel.


Current Draft: 90's Glam

I am always heavily inspired by the things I watch and recently I have been marathoning Friends and 90's classics like Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You, all to a background drone of Nirvana and Soundgarden, so it's safe to say that I am thoroughly immersed in the 90's feel. And because of it I have been hopping between micro mini plaid skirts and the biggest baggiest overalls I can find. Its a different look every day and I never know who'll I'll be until I wake up that morning but its fluid and free and in the end I feel 100% confident in my clothes and myself; what more do you need?

We're excited for this new draft of SixthDraft's journey, and are excited to deliver you content that will hopefully provide you with fashion inspiration and be a place of happiness, fueled by thoughtfully curated content. 

See you Thursday, where Serena will write about her week so far in England, studying at the University of Sussex as a Fulbright US-UK Summer Institute Recipient and Sharon will be writing about her hometown Tacoma, WA and her return to one of her favorite fashion haunts; Value Village.

-S.D. & S.M.