Being the fashion lover that I am and wanting to grow my blog over the next four years, I have created a mission for myself: Be active in the Portland and Seattle fashion community. The only way that this can truly happen, though, is by going to events, so when I heard about the Seattle Fashion Week Convergence Tour, which is traveling across the U.S. to promote itself and connect Seattle Fashion Week and the seattle fashion community as a whole to fashion creatives across the nation- I knew that I needed to go. 

So, I grabbed my camera and drove down to the WeWorks Custom House, a beautiful building in Northwest Portland that provides entrepreneurs and businesses the ability to work in an eye-pleasing creative space, and even host events like this.

Fashion events are fun for two reasons. One: because it is always amazing to meet others navigating the fashion industry or even thriving in it, and I met a lot at the event, such as models, event coordinators, the CEO of Seattle Fashion Week Teresa Springer, fashion designers, and beauticians, the whole gammot. Secondly, it is fun because it is a challenge for myself. The past few times I have gone to fashion events I have gone by myself because though I know that it would be fun to go with friends, I don’t want to use them as crutches to not talk to people. At this event, where everyone had one or two people with them, I had to push myself to introduce myself, have good questions and conversational ideas in my mind, and be able to hand them my card and talk about the Sixth Draft. 

And I did!! I had a lot of great conversations with many of the amazing people who are a part of the Seattle Fashion Week community or desire to be, got to exchange cards with many, and left feeling even more inspired and passionate about fashion than I already did. An A+ night if I say so myself.

Seattle Fashion Week will be occuring October 13-19 in various locations throughout Seattle and will be having Emerging Designers, Ready-to-Wear, Couture, and Accessory collections shown. My cousin, The LifeSTYlest Brandon Gaston, will also be in charge as the Creative Director. This is an event that, if you have the opportunity, is a can’t miss. 

 I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know by commenting below if there are any fashion events that you will be going to or dream to go to (the MET ball is my dream!). 

See you Thursday!