Welcome to Sartorial Spotlight, a new segment on Sixth Draft! Sartorial Spotlight was originally created for me to share historical events and figures in the fashion industry, because I feel that many who want to get into the industry know a lot about fashion, but not its history, and I am amongst those in this category. I want to change that.

I also thought, though, why not expand it? Why not also show people, in the present and past, whom inspire me, whether that be peers or a fashion designer.

So for this post I am featuring Katherine Clark, a friend and peer who I have admired for a while, especially because of her GORGEOUS shoe collection. So I asked Katherine if I could feature her and she happily agreed, and we did a mini-photoshoot and interview. Enjoy!

Q: How do you feel that these shoes either embody your style or show a part of your style?

A: I mean, I think the fact that most of them are high heels gives people a lot of insight into who I am. I feel like my style is very feminine and that, I feel, is really embodied in my shoes and the fact that I love to wear high heels and most of my shoes are pretty delicate, and, you know, feminine shoes, and I think that’s really the look that I strive for and the look that I love on myself. High heels are my favorites, I just love having on some bomb a** high heels and slaying it

Q: Are there any goals that you have stylistically or a style that you really want to do that you haven’t done yet?

A: One thing that I’ve always wanted to do that I feel that I have dabbled in but haven’t been brave enough yet is retro style, like I really love like, honestly not even a certain era, I love 50s, I like 60s, I like 70s, but kind of more the classics like the Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn style, those shapes. I feel like it’s a really bold look in a lot of ways and I kind of hint at it, I think, in a lot of my outfits, you know like with the red lipstick or a pencil skirt, but I’d really love to research it more, and I’ve been watching a lot of hair tutorials on the beautiful curly fancy hair and I would love to get more into that. Also, honestly, my goal for college is just to be brave and to wear what I want every single day, to not have that second guessing of “oh will this be too much?”. My style mantra is kind of like f*** it, it’s never too much. That’s how I try to wake up in the morning.

Q: So once in style club someone anonymously wrote that they wanted to change their style, but people knew them for a certain style, but they wanted to upgrade it. What would your advice be to that person?

A: My advice, I don’t know if this is tired or not, is thrift. Honestly, I would say that all of my best pieces, well besides my shoes because I don’t thrift those, but all my best outfits, the ones that I’m really proud of, all come from second hand shops. It’s cheap, and it’s a super easy way to upgrade your wardrobe I think, because when I have things in my wardrobe that I don’t want anymore, I sell them on Hawthorne and I take the money and I buy something new. I think that you can find some cool, bold, and different pieces when you’re going thrift shopping because it’s not like you’re going to Urban Outfittersand six other girls are going to have what you have. You’re going and you’re getting clothes for cheaper and they’re probably more interesting.

Q: I’ve always especially noticed your shoes when I see your outfits, why do you think you gravitate towards shoes?

A: I think that the kinds of shoes that a person chooses to wear actually says a lot about their personality, like I think that if you choose to wear practical shoes that might say that you’re a practical person, you think ahead, you know, I would say shoes more than outfits say a lot about who you are, and, honestly just seeing my mom when I was growing up. I always thought that my mom was just so beautiful and so well dressed, and she had all these shoes, and I remember being like three years old, and walking around with my little tiny foot wedged into my mom’s stilettos, and that was kind of my inspiration since I was a little kid. I just always loved looking at my mom’s high heels and seeing this extensive collection and I always just thought “that’s what I’m going to have when I’m older”.

Q: Along with your mom, who are your top fashion inspirations, and also, if you could steal any persons closet, whose closet would you steal?

A: Oh my gosh. Well, some of my style icons, this is super random, but Katheryn from “Cruel Intentions”. Her wardrobe in that movie is so amazing. I feel like my wardrobe is a mixture of 60’s with a little bit of 90’s and then modern style thrown in, so I would say that Audrey Hepburn is one because the shapes that she creates are always so beautiful and she just dressed so well for her body. And also 90s Jennifer Aniston because who isn’t idealizing her. And for some of my Instagram girls, one is Denise Whale, her insta is denise_whalee, she has the cutest style.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say about fashion, style, beauty, etc.?

A: I think that I would say that fashion is just about feeling good. I feel that I spent so much time worrying about what people would think about what I was wearing, and then I kind of gave that up, and started just wearing what I wanted, and now I just wake up in the morning and am so excited to wake up just to get dressed and I think that’s how everyone should feel when they get dressed. Everyone should feel excited to wake up to put on their outfit.

I definitely agree with Katherine! Everyone should feel excited to get dressed in the morning, and if you don’t maybe there are some tweaks you can make in your wardrobe to get you excited. After the photoshoot and interview I personally felt more excited and re-inspired about fashion!!

Let me know who else y’all would like to see be given a Sartorial Spotlight, and thanks again Katherine!!



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