Waking up on my second day in New York, I was exhausted, but invigorated. My legs were sore since suburb-life does not always warrant having to walk around all day, and I probably could have used three more hours of sleep, but through my sleepy haze I remembered that I was in New York. That was enough to wake me up, shake out my legs, and be ready for my second day. No caffeine needed.

Sadly, the group I was staying with, 5 other prospective NYU students and two NYU leaders, Ali and Natalia, woke up a bit too early, and since we rushed to leave I didn’t realize that my outfit was not quite good until we were halfway between Soho and Greenwich Village. Red sweatshirt and light jeans (sigh). In this moment, though, I learned a fashion lesson: If you can’t change your outfit you have to fake it till you make it. Smile, walk confidently, and know that a better pairing will happen tomorrow.

Me and Maimuna at Goodwill and the restaurant Olio e Piú, killing some time.

At the end of the day, after all the presentations about the MLK Scholarship that I received and different aspects of NYU, we had free time. Though it was 11 at night even the program leaders didn’t expect us to go to sleep, and when my group questioned what we should do I couldn’t help but ask to see times square, and just like that we were on the subway, on our way there.

Times Square is amazing, but definitely a place that you only need to go to once because it is so dirty. It was definitely worth it, though, because while there I got to visit my favorite store: Forever 21.

I had to take a moment of silence. I could barely handle the 4 floors of sweet clothing goodness. I didn’t get anything, because after all I can get the same clothes without taxes at home, but it is an experience that I will hold fondly in my heart.

After this we went to Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, a favorite amongst NYU students, and then we went back home, where I fell asleep, immediately.

As I said in my day one post, I didn’t know how to feel about New York. I wasn’t able to pick up on the descriptions that I had heard about before- it’s hustle and bustle, grind, craziness. It was an enigma. On the second day, though, I had grown to like and understand it more. I loved the diversity, the busyness, and even began to acclimate to the grime and taxis that stopped only when they were an inch from your thigh. It became less mysterious as I experienced it in the morning, and felt my feet pounding on the pavement, unlike on the first day where I was pretty much swept from airport to cruise (which I heavily enjoyed). It was the first time that I felt, hesitantly, that I, Serena Dokuaa, could maybe be a New Yorker.

It wasn’t till the third day, though, where this hesitancy melted away. With a fresh outfit on and some more familiarity, I finally felt that maybe this could be the place for me. 

Has there ever been a place that you were hesitant to love? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Let me know in the comments below!