Being in London, I had to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum. The Victoria and Albert Museum carries nearly everything, from classical greek sculptures to a photography showcase, and they are also known for their fashion exhibit. Luckily, when I was visiting with my class they not only had the fashion exhibit, which was spectacular, but they also had the “Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion” exhibit. For those who may not know, Balenciaga is the Haute Couture house created by Spanish Couterier Cristobal Balenciaga (1895-1972), who redefined Haute Couture with his talent as not only a designer, but as a tailor. I, of course, had to visit the exhibition, and so here are some photos of my favorite pieces, along with pieces I love from Victoria and Albert’s own fashion exhibition.

Victoria and Albert’s Collection:

Balenciaga Exhibition:


My inspiration for the upcoming fall months is coming to you straight from the runway of Viktor and Rolf Fall 2017. I’m going to attach photos below but for the full runway hit up because this runway is one of the funnest…most fun…funner (however you say that correctly) runways that I’ve ever seen. They feature their Action Dolls which are these massive doll heads that their models wear while sporting the newest collection. Outwardly it seems silly but it speaks to a larger mission of Viktor and Rolf; creating a more eco-conscious fashion world. The collection features new and updated takes on the bomber jacket with wicked big sleeves and patchwork designs made from recycled fabrics. The patch working makes me feel like each piece was made by my Grandma with love but the modern construction makes me feel like Grandma had been watching Gaultier runways all day. Basically its cool and eclectic and this fall its all I want to be wearing, including the Action Dolls. In my opinion Viktor and Rolf completely nailed it and I support them and their mission and their super large heads. Please take a look and enjoy.