Last night I attended Hope in Motion, “A night of local youth’s works of art themed around inspiring hope to their city and a fashion show unveiling local boutique’s new winter lines. Sixty percent of the entire nights proceeds will be donated to P;ear; a non-profit organization effecting lasting change by creatively mentoring homeless youth.” Since my cousin Brandon Gaston, the lifeSTYLest, hosted it and I am passionate about the issue of homelessness, especially since I did the Portland Plunge, a week-long immersion where juniors and seniors learn about homelessness in Portland, I was really excited to go.

Below is one the artist, Ghaimah Muhammad, and some of her works.

And here is another artist involved, Sarah J reed

Some other pieces of art by other local artists

After the opportunity to meet the artists and others, the fashion show began.

Designs by Lorna Jane, an australian activewear and sportswear company at Bridgeport Village

Designs by Kendra Jones Beauty and Body

Designs by Janelle James Boutique at Bridgeport Village

aaaand a few of those in attendance!

Anyways, Hope in Motion was a fun event, and it is great to see people’s love for fashion manfiest into something that helps others and has a positive impact on the community. Hopefully there will be more events like these, and thanks Traci for taking me!!