Of the new trends seen on the runway, such as designers sparked love with the renaissance, statement furs, and tinsel, four trends that I deem wearable by the masses, easy to attain, and that I want to wear are patched/embroidered jeans, bomber jackets, sock boots, and velvet everything. I have already seen these items in stores such as ASOS and Nordstrom’s and guess that they will continue to pop up everywhere, so here are the four trends and hopefully it gives you (it has definitely given me) inspiration on how to incorporate them into your own closet.

Patched/Embroidered Jeans

I love the patched/embroidered jeans trend because I personally find that I always focus on my tops, and this trend made me realize that I can wear more than just plain blue/black jeans. As is shown in some of the pins patched/embroidered jeans go well with a plain shirt, be that a blouse, sweater, or tank, but I think it would also be a cute look with a plain top and blazer, to give a more  smart and quirky look.

Bomber Jackets

Different from the bomber jacket trend I remember occurring back in 6th grade (lol), this one is less of a “journey down high school memory lane”, and more of an upgrade of a classic. These types of bomber jackets used to be really expensive (and still are depending on where you buy them), but now you can find embroidered bombers at Forever 21, and Boohoo and Misguided for around 50-80 dollars. I like this trend because of its versatility. No matter how relaxed your outfit is, a tee with jeans, shorts, whatever, an embroidered or patched bomber immediately adds a unique design and touch to your outfit. If your outfit is fancier, say wearing black culottes or jeans with a blouse, a bomber jacket immediately adds some originality and makes you look like a street style star.

Sock Boots

As I said in my post “Style Status”, I am extremely happy to see that sock boots are trending because I got a pair like these 5-6 months ago. I like these boots because they are dressier than the popular combat boot because of their normally sharp-toe, sheen, and heel height (depending on the ones you get), and dressing them down is easy by wearing jeans over them (as seen in the last picture) and paired with a simple tee or top.


I’ve been wanting to buy a velvet item for a while, and obviously now is the time! This is a nice trend because, as shown here, it can be worn in numerous ways, such as a shirt, jacket, dress, pants, or a pair of velvet sock boots (they have many on ASOS that are divine). Though I feel not often mentioned, texture is an important part of an outfit because it adds dimension and catches the eye, and adding velvet to an outfit will do just that.

Ultimately, the key to rocking any trend is to make sure that it is the trend for you to rock. Don’t ever wear anything that you don’t love 100% or that you don’t feel really matches who you are. You pick what trends you follow, not the other way around.

How do you feel about these trends, and what trends do you think you will incorporate into your closet for fall 2016? Let me know by commenting below!