Despite the dangers of slipping in your heels in sophomore hall (is that just me?) or feeling fierce yet also slightly uncomfortable due to your skirt or suit, dress up days are fun. Obviously we do this to look representable at important masses, but it also leads to a collage of fashion styles, and often the trends that are really lasting can be seen. Though sadly I did not have my camera with me today, I was able to take pictures on my phone of some of the many stylish students who strutted down Jesuit’s halls today. 

First up…….

Cici Pham

Getting her hands on the H&M Balmain collection, and me being a fashion lover, I felt obligated to show Cici wearing an H&M Balmain dress. It is awesome, and shows again how the gap between high fashion and everyday wear is slowly closing.

Molly Van Dyke

I really loved Molly’s outfit because of the mixture of pattern and texture. It is really fun to see how people think of mixing patterns. When I look at this outfit there are multiple things to notice, such as the the fabric of the shirt, how on the skirt the lines don’t match up on the side, and how the red cardigan really pulls everything together with a nice pop of color. All of this combined leads to a dynamic outfit where I feel that I notice more details as I look at it.

Utkarsh Yadav

Utkarsh’s outfit is great because it really represents the change occurring in men’s, and even women’s, fashion. In men and women’s fashion I have noticed a turn from wearing a blazer or suit jacket to wearing nice overcoats, as Utkarsh is doing here. Accompanied with that, there has also been a shift from wearing button-down’s to sweater’s like this that are structured and dynamic, but still cozy, and, when people want to get extra fancy, wearing  the button-down shirt underneath and exposing the collar. Utkarsh has all of this annnnnd he even has the cut-off pants that are really in, showing a nice pair of socks and great oxford’s. This outfit is simply on point.


and last, but certainly not least….

Lexly Cruz

Lexly’s outfit is also simply on-point, from the grey cotton dress to the ankle boot. What I really like about this outfit is how she made it her own. The ankle boot and grey cotton dress are both on trend right now,and  Lexly did a great job making it her own with the leather jacket, dark lipstick, and her pose (work it).

I hope y’all enjoyed this post, it was definitely fun for me to get pictures of all these awesome people, and I plan to do more of these types of posts in the future, and not just with people at at  school, but at the mall, bookstore, etc. Thanks Cici, Molly, Utkarsh, and Lexly!


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