Thrifted Jewels

Enjoy this holographic flavored post with a psychedelic song 🙂 Shopping at thrift stores is one of the best purchasing moves you can make for two reasons, (well, there’s more than two, but hear us out) 1: It’s better than only shopping fast-fashion, which isn’t sustainable, and 2: You’re most likely buying pieces that cannot […]

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Serena’s Style Inspiration

Being in England for the past two weeks, I have had an array of inspiration. Visiting the National Portrait Gallery, the National Gallery, and the Banqueting House I have been able to witness works of art created centuries ago, while also walking around London and Brighton and experiencing the collision of modern people in a deeply […]

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Of the new trends seen on the runway, such as designers sparked love with the renaissance, statement furs, and tinsel, four trends that I deem wearable by the masses, easy to attain, and that I want to wear are patched/embroidered jeans, bomber jackets, sock boots, and velvet everything. I have already seen these items in […]

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