If y’all know me then you will know that there is only one passion of mine that compares to my passion for fashion… my love for books!! As I was reading “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova I randomly thought of wearing this grey turtleneck from H&M, and then I thought why not do that with all the books I read? Why not do a post where I review a book I have read and a look that was inspired by that book? Soooooo here is my first BOOKS AND LOOKS post about “The Historian”…

I really enjoyed this book. As someone who has loved history since the third grade I really liked it because it allowed me to go on a ride from Oxford University to Istanbul, Bulgaria, Romania, Constantinople, etc. This was one of the first books where of course I wanted to know how it ended, but I also didn’t want to because I was enjoying the ride through history, but before I review more, let me tell you the plot.

“My dear and unfortunate successor…” In “The Historian”, a young woman (the daughter’s name is never revealed) stumbles across letters addressed to her Dad, Paul. Paul is a historian and when he was younger received a book that had nothing in it except the sketch of a dragon. Shortly after he tells his favorite professor, Rossi, Rossi dissapears, and Paul is left on a chase to find out what happened to his Professor and protect him from Vlad the Impaler, or modern day Dracula. Along with him is Helen, the young daughters mother, and as the daughter reads  the letters to her father and then her fathers letters about their adventures she gets to learn more about her mother and embarks on a journey of her own.


One critique I do have of this book is that the main reason Paul is on his quest is to save Professor Rossi, but I never was able to make a connection with Rossi that made saving him seem important. Now that might sound jacked, but in most books the relationships have developed enough that the reader is as emotionally attached to the person missing as the character who desires to save that person, but I didn’t feel that way in this book. I instead felt more invested in the quest for finding Rossi because of the places they traveled to and wanting to see the relationship between Paul and Helen develop.  

In the end I would reccomend this book to someone who loves history, but it is nearly 700 pages so if you are going to read it you have to keep in mind that in this book what is important is the journey, not the destination.  During discussions I’ve had with other readers one person said,  “you can tell this book is written by a historian”, and I think that is true. The historical facts are awesome, and you can tell that no author could write about this unless they were someone who had a deep passion for history, and Elizabeth Kostova is a historian, but I personally felt that some of the relationships could have been developed better and that one of the characters reactions seemed a little bit unlike that said character.



In one of the scenes Paul and his daughter are at Oxford, and I imagined myself in this outfit in one of the Oxford libraries looking at an original text from the 1500’s. For some reason I always equate turtlenecks with intelligence, and “The Historian” oozes intelligence, so this look worked, plus the earrings which added a little fun to the ensemble.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I found it to be incredibly fun to write about! If you’ve read this book before please leave a comment below on what you thought of it, whether you agree or disagree with my opinions on it, etc. Besides the few problems I did have with the book, I think it is still definitely worth the read, but I am a sucker for historical fiction!