Christian Dior F/W 2016 Ready to Wear Collection
Christian Dior F/W 2016 Ready to Wear Collection

Fashion Month 2016. From February 10th to March 9th in New York, London, Milan, and Paris designers unveiled months of hard work, revealing their Fall/Winter 2016 collections while the likes of Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld sat front row judging their works alongside celebrities, of course. After the shows paparazzi flocked to the street style stars, and rejoiced as though these fashion creators walking along the Champs-Élysées were the main event, but in many ways street style often is. It’s where high fashion meets the masses, where Chanel bags and thrift finds collide.

BUT, I think many outside of the fashion industry underappreciate the designs that come from the shows. Though there can be crazy shows like the Rick Owens one where women were wearing other women (strange, I know), most shows are inspirational, at least fashion wise.

Like Street Style, I want the Sixth Draft to be an intersection between the fashion world and the masses. Though I may not be able to afford Chanel (yet) I can sure as heck appreciate it, and I think that it should be that way for everyone, because style is self-expression and fashion shows are just another way to draw inspitation. So, for this post I show my favorite collections from the fall/winter 2016 ready to wear collections. Every single picture on here is from the Vogue Runway App, which provides pictures of nearly every fashion show EVER. Quite amazing. Anyways, time for my faves….

Christian Dior

One thing I enjoyed in most of the shows this year was that they did not stick to the normal fall colors. There were reds and browns, but also blues, greys, yellows, etc., and that is true in the Christian Dior ready to wear collection as well. I also loved this collection because I could imagine myself strutting in the streets of New York on my way to work at vogue in these outfits. They are attainable and classy, but also have an edge that transforms the outfits into something that is fun and unexpected.

Alsooo, I love the mix of textures. This can especially be seen with the green coat and the furry sweater being worn under it, creating dimension and shape. I ❤️ U Diorrrr


Glorious pattern.

I adore this collection because it reminded me to never be scared to mix patterns. I think fashion can appear to be restricting, there being “fashion rules” that people have to follow so you don’t seem “weird”. Though I think that  guidelines can be beneficial, fashion, and especially style, is about expressing who you are, and in a collection like Altuzarra’s you can see the fruit reaped when boundaries are broken.

Proenza Schouler


The fabric, texture, cut, shoes, proportions, and use of ribbon throughout many of the outfits results in an amazing collection. 

I have nothing else to say.


This is a rare collection in that I would wear every single outfit here, exactly as it was. The fabrics look extremely comfortable, and these pieces are basic essentials that have been renewed. I could easily get a nice long cardigan with a belt around my waist, a long skirt in the same color and high-knee boots, and BAM, you have a Hermes look. Though the originals would be nice too….

I need to get a job.

Anyways, all of these brands are very popular, which I didn’t intend to do, but just gravitated toward. Some amazing brands that are arising, though, are Emilia Wickstead (my favorite designer ever), Public School, and Opening Ceremony.

Some other great designs from the Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear collections that are worth checking out on the Vogue Runway App are Chanel’s, Carolina Herrera’s, Chloe’s, Oscar de la Renta’s, Rachel Zoe’s, and See by Chloé.

I hope this get’s your fashion senses tingling, and if not, I have posts coming up that will. 

Have a great week




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