Staring at my closet the day after graduation (whipee!), one thought came to mind: “I do not need all of this”. Since I have been at my glorious height of 5′ 10”-11” for quite some time, I have been continuing to buy clothes, without getting rid of any. Though the thought of having so many clothes always seems amazing when I see the closets of movie characters such as in the Princess Diaries (though I am lacking in crowns), I realized that in reality having that much stuff is often more of a burden, especially when they’re items that you don’t truly want. 

So, I got rid of it, and after I felt incredibly free. And I felt the need to start a new chapter of my style, which I, of course, had to report to y’all, because this is the sixth draft, and I refer to our style identities as drafts for a reason!

I’d like to call this new draft “trust” which might seem strange, so let me explain. Ever since I was a wee child and have been adamantly absorbing style rules from shows such as “What Not to Wear”, I have been very conscious of style rules such as the colors that go together, how to mix in color, texture, pattern and shine, how if the top is flowy the pants should be tighter, and vice versa. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would definitely call myself adventurous, but I still felt my style needed to abide by these rules, and if they didn’t, such as my stud obsession sophomore year, there still had to be a formula in mind (back then, studded sweater+ white shirt+jeans+studded boots= fashion goddess). 

Now, I want to be truly adventurous. Though I obviously still have a LOT to learn about style and fashion, I think I can trust myself enough to know that I can gage when I am going too far or not, and when some rules need to be broken or tested.

When I read about the bloglovinxH&MxMan Repeller competition (this is the outfit and post that I am submitting), I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to do so, because Man Repeller, a blog all of you should check out, has the adventurous vibe that I am going for, they promote that woman should have enough trust in themselves to go for what they want style wise.

So I did. Because why pair a long shirt with skinny jeans, as expected, instead of with flair capris? and who says that yellow earrings and pink/taupe mules can’t be in the same outfit? And banana and cherry keychains on a small purse is a fun match made in heaven. 

And, to even my surprise, it all worked together, one cohesive street style ready look. Now, I am not going to lie and say that all odd pairings are going to work out, but if there is one thing that this outfit taught me is that you might as well try. 

I hope you enjoyed my posts, and let me know by commenting below any fashion risk you have taken and/or if there are any combinations that you have been to scared to try. 

See you Tuesday!