“Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak”-Rachel zoe

M y name is Serena Dokuaa (pronounced dough-kwah) and this is Sixth Draft. I created Sixth Draft in 2015 to express my love for fashion. Sixth Draft, named after my belief that personal style always evolves, felt like a perfect name for a girl who was on her sixth draft of style, going from my pretty in pink phase as a child, to my punk-studs stage sophomore year, to the new level of 70’s inspired sophistication starting my freshman year of college. a place where my love for fashion collides, sixthdraft gives you content about my style, high fashion insights, and daily inspirations, while also posting about my own life journeys, and how that is impacting how i dress to interact with the world. Join me on my journey to see where fashion takes me, and, hopefully, where it takes you as well.