My name is Serena Dokuaa (pronounced dough-koo-ah) and this is the Sixth Draft. I created the Sixth Draft because I love everything about fashion. I love the way a good outfit can make you feel, how the way you dress can tell a story about you or something about you, and the way fashion and style evolves. The evolution of style is the best part to me. I named my blog the Sixth Draft because as I’ve grown up I can see how I’ve evolved with my style. I went from wearing pink and cheetah print as a child, to going through a more relaxed phase in the fifth grade, to the awkward phase that I cannot even describe in 7th and 8th grade, to a more classy put together style freshman year. Sophomore year was the year of the studs. Studs on my shoes, my cardigans, necklaces, shirts, everywhere. Junior year I reached a level of sophistication where I knew which colors coordinated, the importance of texture, length, shape, and what looks good on me. Fashion to me starts and stops. A new trend arises, another dies, but style lasts forever, and everyone has it. Whether your style is a tee with basketball shorts or Audrey Hepburn inspired, your style is a part of you and forever grows and changes as you do. Enjoy my blog as I grow and learn and you hopefully grow and learn as well, and remember, you can never stop developing your style, heck, I’m already on my sixth draft.