An interesting question that has stuck with me ever since it was asked was “How do you change your style and how do you do it when everyone knows you for wearing a certain style already?”. Pertaining to the latter part of the question I said that the key is to just do it, because people will naturally put us in a box, but only you can take yourself outside of it and define yourself in your own terms. A trick that I have always used, specifically with my hair but also with my style, is to make whatever change I want a couple weeks before school starts, because though I hang out with my friends I still don’t see as many people as I do during the school year. That way, during those few weeks I have the opportunity to see if I like the hairstyle change or style change before I get the feedback from others. By the time school starts I can make whatever tweaks I want and am 100% confident in the choices I made so any negative remarks I receive don’t affect me, though if you are going through this as I have many times you’ll probably notice that you won’t experience any negative feedback. Now this is not to say that if school has started already or you are back from vacation and at work that you should wait to your next vacation. As I said earlier, you should do what you want when you want pertaining to your style choices; Don’t let anyone else write your script (or pick out your clothes) for you.


The other aspect relates to the previous part of the question: “How do you change your style?”. I think it is better to change your style over time because then you won’t have to buy as much clothes at once, but if you really want to make a change NOW, then this articles for you. Often changing your style doesn’t mean getting rid of your whole closet and buying $1000 worth of clothes. Instead, it’s about buying the little accessories that elevate an outfit and defines certain styles. The styles I will be going over in this post is Preppy, 90s, Minimalist, and Sporty.

I think Preppy is one of the easiest styles to switch to because it is widely sold at different price points. The main way to accomplish a preppy look is by having solid color jeans (preferably black, blue, or white), a button-down blouse or collared shirt, and flats or simple Ked sneakers. Simple pearl earrings are also popular, along with small diamond necklaces. The main way to achieve preppy style is to stay simple. Everything must have clean lines and cuts.

Top Stores to find Preppy Clothes

Forever 21



Old Navy

Instagrammer who embodies this style: @Bowsandsequins


Though Ralph Lauren and Sperry are popular brands for preppy style, this style is popular enough where you will easily be able to achieve this style at the stores listed above.

90s fashion, one of my favorite looks right now. I gravitate towards 90s fashion because it is all about having fun. Get a pair of 90s levi jeans (available at thrift stores, goodwills, and ASOS), oversized denim jean jacket, patches and pins to put on that jacket, crop tops, and a 90’s choker ( I got one from Echo ClubHouse) and you’ll be good to go.

Top Stored to find 90s Inspired Clothing

Forever 21

Echo ClubHouse


Thrift stores (Red Light District and House of Vintage are great portland thrift stores)


Instagrammer who embodies this style: @iamkareno

The minimalist look is a style that I want to rock but haven’t yet. The key to minimalist clothing is to have simple lines, but even more so paying attention to detail. Jewelry is allowed, but it is normally very simple and never bulky and is gold or silver. If you follow style bloggers on instagram (I love @chroniclesofher_), you’ll also notice that their outfits will be monochromatic, often in white, black, or camel. A favorite of Chronicles of Her is to wear a monochromatic or white, black, camel collection with sneakers, which is why I paired this outfit with the Stan Smiths.

    Top Places to Shop for Minimalist Style


Forever 21 (for Basic Culottes)

Finery London


Thrifting (many minimalist bloggers love pairing culottes with oversized tees)


Instagrammer who embodies this style: @chroniclesofher_ and @beigerenegade

Sporty is easy to pull off because most people have a pair of tennis shoes and tees. If you love wearing tees and sweats I challenge you to upgrade your outfit by pairing your tee with a nice pair of jeans, like the boyfriend jeans shown here, and a bomber jacket, which are on trend right now and can be found anywhere. 

Top Places to Shop for Sporty Clothing



ASOS and Forever 21 (Have a wide range of bomber jackets and athleisure)

Thrifting (why pay $15 bucks for a tee when you can get one at goodwill for $2?)

Instagrammer who embodies this style: @sportstylist



I hope you enjoyed this post! Obviously it doesn’t encompass every style there is or every store you can find these styles, but I hope it is a starting point for those considering a style change. Also remember that the best outfits are often the ones that incorporate many styles; Have fun with what you wear! Let me know by commenting below what your favorite style is, and if you are changing your style how that is going for you! Follow me on polyvore @sixthdraft for more looks and to shop the items I showed here!





If you haven't seen already, last week for my "Tuesday Treasures" segment I highlighted a clutch and cross body bag. As I said in that post those are the bags that I love to wear when I am going to a fashion event or know that I won't be able bring anything bulky, but on a normal day I always wear a backpack, specifically this pink Backpack that I got from ASOS.

This bag is small enough wear I don't feel like I am lugging something, but also big enough that I can carry a 500 page book, wallet, water bottle, reading glasses, and even more. Plus, it always makes any outfit I wear look better, especially the simple one that I am wearing in these photos. I have gotten a LOT of compliments about this bag, and I find it to be a true fashion accomplishment when you not only get confident on those fancy outfits that you worked hard to put together, but also the simple everyday ones.

What's your favorite type of bag to use on the daily? Let me know by commenting below! 



This month’s Book is “The Knockoff” by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza. I have had my eyes on this book for a while, hoping that it would go to paper back edition, but when my birthday rolled around in June I decided to get it, and a wonderful purchase it was!

“The Knockoff” is a fictional novel about main character Imogen Tate, the editor-in-chief of Glossy magazine. When she returns from a six month break due to sickness she finds that her former assistant, Eve, graduated from Harvard Business school has come back and fired all the past older workers to hire more younger workers for cheaper, and, worst of all, is trying to turn the magazine into an App. Imogen, lacking in technical knowledge, has to navigate maintaining her position by adapting to modern times but also not abandoning the aspects of being an editor that attracted her to the job in the first place.

If you have been reading a lot of dark or serious books and need a fun, light, or uplifting book, I would suggest reading “The Knockoff”. It was a fun read for me, and through Imogen’s actions taught me little nuggets about the industry that I did not know, such as how the top editor’s apparently never paint their nails. I also enjoyed it because unlike most books where it’s the older generation versus the younger generations it doesn’t disparage either ways of life, which was a qualm that I had when I first heard about the book because, though sometimes true, I get tired of the arguments that Millennials and Generation Z are so bad and unable to interact with others. This book does a great job of showing how both ways, old and new, have excellent attributes, and when working together magic happens.

For looks I decided to show the editor of my favorite magazine right now, Teen Vogue, because their current makeover shows what can happen to a company when they allow people and woman of color in charge, such as their new Editor-in-Chief Elaine Welteroth ( #GirlBoss). Now they not only report fashion news, but report on the Black Lives Matter movement and other events that matter to teens because youth do care about events occurring domestically and internationally.


Only 29, Elaine Welteroth was the perfect choice to revive teen vogue. Not only does she have a large following on social media, she used to be the Senior Beauty Editor at Glamour and Beauty and Style Editor at Ebony.  You can read more about her in this article by Essence:

What have been your favorite summer reads, books or magazines? Let me know by commenting below!

See you sunday,



This week my Tuesday Treasures are a clutch and cross body bag that I bought from H&M. Though I normally only wear fancy backpacks because I always like to bring a book with me, I have been enjoying carrying around these bags because when I am going to an event and need to take photographs they do not weigh me down, and then when I sit I don't have to take my backpack off. Please do not fret, I still bring a book with me (currently reading "Three Martini Lunch" by Suzanne Rindell), I just leave it in the car for consumption later.

I also got these bag accessories from H&M, and I enjoy them a lot because it adds something fun and playful to my outfit and brings a dimension not expected, though very on trend.

What kind of bags do you prefer? Clutch, cross body bag, backpack, let me know by commenting below. See you Thursday!!



This week I heard a lot of positive feedback on my blog and in person from those who liked my Tuesday Treasures post about my Adidas Superstars and pinterest inspiration of outfits (link here that included those shoes. Because of this I thought that I should continue the sneaker trend this week by including two looks of my own with my Adidas. The first look is simple everyday wear, and the second look for when I want to be comfortable but also fashion forward.

Chillin' in my Superstars

I like this outfit because though simple it has trendy attributes, such as the bomber jacket that I got from ASOS and the culottes that I got from Forever 21. Working on my blog I have realized that often what differentiates a good outfit from an okay or regular outfit is the details, so I chose to tie the bandana around my ankle so while I am out and about getting groceries or buying supplies for college I still look original.

Redefining Casual

I call this outfit "Redefining Casual" because though the shirt has a vibrant print and could be defined as a dressier shirt the outfit is still incredibly comfortable. By changing the usual dimensions that people use in their outfits, such as that when you have flared pants you have to have a tight or not loose shirt (or vice versa), it immediately creates a unique high-fashion look (very pinterest-y if I do say so myself), and the adidas leave me fight feelin' good the entire day. The beauty of it though is that with a nice statement necklace and full 'fro I could easily wear this at a classier event. This outfit and outfits like it is a two for one deal. Talk about fashion magic.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know by commenting below your favorite ensembles that can transition from regular day wear to classy and fashion-forward. See you Tuesday!