Being in England for the past two weeks, I have had an array of inspiration. Visiting the National Portrait Gallery,┬áthe National Gallery, and the Banqueting House I have been able to witness works of art created centuries ago, while also walking around London and Brighton and experiencing the collision of modern people in a deeply historical landscape, and so my collection of inspiration this week honors the two worlds. The first picture showcases the center painting of the ceiling in the Banqueting House, painted by Sir Peter Paul Rubens, his only piece of work to still be in the place where it was originally installed. This picture does not do the ceiling any justice, for it is so detailed that for my class we laid down for 45 minutes staring at it, and still I felt that I needed more time. Alas, we had to leave, but from that day forward I have found myself searching for art everywhere, the extraordinary out of the ordinary, looking at paintings and awing at the amount of talent necessary to accomplish such great works. I witnessed this in many portraits, one of my favorite portraits being the “Ditchley” portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, the dress shown in picture 6, and the portrait of the Duchess of Marlborough (7), who you can read about in an article that I will link to below.

I have found beauty in modernity as well, of course, and three people whom’s styles have inspired me is blogger Dylana Suarez, youtuber and blogger Amy Vagabond (of VaganbondYouth), and Singer Solange. All of their styles are especially inspiring to me because they use fashion to express themselves. In all their outfits it is evident that fashion is freeing and uplifting to them, and that is what fashion does for me as well; It is a way to move through the world more confidently, to project to others how you see yourself, and how you desire to be seen. Though my style is neither Dylana’s, Amy’s, nor Solange’s, I respect and always follow those who understand the art and power of style.

This Thursday Sharon and I will be blogging about our summer thus far! Comment below also for any style questions that we can answer in our Sunday posts.

-S.D. and S.M.